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Jul 23 , 2020


Welcome to Community Wellness. We launched our telemedicine brand and At-Home Health Monitoring service to empower your lifestyle and your health and keep you safe during COVID19. Because, if we know anything, it’s that health is the real wealth.

That said, beyond bringing you the convenience of online medical care and monitoring, we are here to arm you with expert health advice and tips to enhance your health and lifestyle and help ease the burden of living with a chronic health condition. Live Better, Live Longer is our mantra at Community Wellness.


“Your health is everything and at Community Wellness we’ve made the care and monitoring of your chronic health condition our top priority.  Our At-Home Health Monitoring service gives you access to our trusted online community of licenced doctors who will provide monthly wellness checks from the convenience and comfort of your home. At-Home Health Monitoring also delivers personalized medical devices straight to your door so you can monitor and track your health and vital signs every day at home and the results are sent to your specified doctor.  Thank you for being part of our community.”

Edward Fields, Founder of Community Wellness.