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Hospital to Home
Integrated Care Programs

Patients depend on personal contact and social interaction to thrive, especially those managing chronic conditions.

We connect technology, community, and clinical coaching to improve their outcomes PLUS improve your bottom line.

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Plus is proactive
for patients and providers.

Reach beyond sending out a device to report data. Community Wellness introduces patients into a network of support and guidance toward better health outcomes with improved profitability for your organization.


Wellness focus

We connect patients to an online supportive community and interactive app to help improve overall health and wellness. Patients earn points through participation that can redeemed for products and services that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Clinical coaching

Patients are personally matched to a board-certified clinical health coach, to help them navigate utilizing our care plans for positive health results. Monthly 1:1 video appointments with the same clinical coach build relationships and trust to improve health outcomes.


Device management

FDA-approved, Bluetooth-enabled devices are deployed entirely turnkey to your facility or directly to your patients. We manage all aspects of the equipment, from setup through replacement.


Improved data sharing

Our proprietary software is engineered specifically for seamless, cross-organization medical data sharing with all major EMRs.


On-site deployment

We deliver equipment directly to your patients and help them set up the devices. We provide on-site clinical staff to help your organization on-board and deploy care programs to your patient population.


No-risk solution

Our fully reimbursable solutions provides a monthly revenue stream and has no up-front implementation costs. 24/7 clinical monitoring means you will always be alerted when vital signs are concerning.

"This program has helped me stay on task. I have a Medicare covered blood pressure meter, and glucose meter that I track daily via Bluetooth…so happy to have them on board!”
Jacqueline C
"Your program is an added benefit to my health awareness concerns. Last year your program may have saved my life when an artery going to my heart collapsed. Your monitoring advised me to contact my doctor and the issue was addressed in time."
Bob B
"My coach helped me find the right exercise: Water aerobics! Even with my condition, I can still get out and move and it feels great."
Mary A

Plus for hospitals

Let’s improve patient satisfaction PLUS lower your readmission rates.

Plus for physicians

Let’s enhance patient care PLUS increase your efficiency.

Plus for health plans

We personalize member care PLUS elevate your performance.

Dr. Scott Parazynski
"Community Wellness will partner with you and your patients to help them live their healthiest, most fulfilling lives through world-class coaching and state-of-the-art technology enabled care."
- Scott Parazynski, MD, Chief Medical Officer

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