Remote Patient Monitoring Plus

RPM allows you to gather health data from your patients at home, improving outcomes and bringing new revenue into your practice.

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Manage your patients in their homes

Thousands of healthcare businesses - from solo practices, to digital health companies, to health plans, to ACOs, to massive health systems - use Community Wellness RPM+ to deliver remote care programs in their patients’ homes.

Increase Patient Engagement
Patients who utilize RPM+ are more likely to remain with that practice
Increase Patient Outcomes
RPM patients experience a 20% reduction in hospitalizations and ER visits
Turnkey, Web-Based, Scalable RPM Solutions
Community Wellness RPM+ provides an additional revenue stream for your facility without creating a greater workload for your staff.

Community Wellness Remote Patient Monitoring Plus +

Plus is proactive for patients and providers. Remote Patient Monitoring Plus goes beyond sending out a device to report data. RPM+ introduces patients into a network of support and guidance toward better health outcomes including:

Live one-on-one coaching
Medication Adherence plan
An online community of nurses and patients
24/7 coach and tech support

Live 1-on-1 health coaching

We match your patients with one-on-one live health coaches. All of our clinical coaches are licensed healthcare professionals — RNs, LPNs, and CMAs. Each is selected and trained to specifically meet the unique needs of today’s patient in managing chronic conditions (not to mention technology).

Patient Matching: patients are assigned to health coaches based on a number of factors in order to foster more effective relationships.

Certified Health Professionals: all Community Wellness RNs, LPNs, and CMAs are care specialists

Available 24/7: patients are able to message with their assigned health coach as they please

Bluetooth-connected health monitoring devices

We deploy Bluetooth-enabled monitors and scales into patients’ homes, compiling the results for review by our coaching and clinical staff, as well as your practice.

Bluetooth-connected devices: easy set-up for patients, no configuration required, plus 24/7 technical support for providers or patients

Monitored by certified health professionals: each measurement is reviewed and escalated if the results are concerning

Preventative and holistic approach: Can catch issues before they require hospitalization, plus live one-on-one coaching allows a healthy and holistic approach to long-term health for patients.

Monitor medication adherence and help your
patients stay on track

Our medication adherence system makes tracking medication schedules easy.

Better patient outcomes
Automated reminders
Visibility to drive interventions

Partners who trust Community Wellness

Why choose Community Wellness?

Community Wellness is the only RPM provider that puts people first. Our live and engaged health coaches provide a familiar human element to remote telecare. We don’t just ship devices to your patients’ door and wish you good luck - we embark on health journeys with your patients, ensuring that their health doesn’t decline.

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We not only track patients’ vitals, we improve their health

Our proprietary software connects patients with their PCP, Community Wellness Clinical Coach, and their RPM devices, seamlessly

Integrates seamlessly with all major EMRs
Fully HIPAA-compliant and secure
Patient-friendly interface

We turn standard devices into health tools (patient app)

Patients connect and use devices with our patient-friendly MyWellness Connect app on their tablets or smartphones to connect their health directly to their health providers

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