The Next Chapter

Of Your Weight Loss Journey

One challenge many Americans face is maintaining their health and fitness during their retirement years.

Because let′s face it. Even if you were somewhat physically active when you were younger, you haven′t been able to handle workouts like you used to.

Now, you likely experience more fatigue and joint pain than before.

As a result, you′re not making as much progress in losing weight – even after trying various exercises, diets, and supplements.

It′s time to get an updated weight loss plan that will work effectively for this stage of your life – and continue doing all the things you love as you age. 

That′s why at Community Wellness, we′re here to help create that plan with you.


“This weight loss program is fantastic! I′ve lost 14 pounds in three months. The personalized meal plans and effective workouts kept me motivated. The community support is incredible. Highly recommended for sustainable results!”

-Dominic Davis

“Amazing program! I′ve lost 12 pounds in two months. The meal plans are delicious and easy to follow. The supportive community and personalized guidance made all the difference. Feeling healthier and more energized!”

-Sofia Berrera

“I′ve had incredible results with this weight loss program. Lost 15 pounds in eight weeks. The structured approach and tasty recipes kept me on track. The support system is outstanding. Highly recommend!”

-Josh Taylor

An Effective, Safe, &
Low-Cost Weight Loss Program

That′s Tailored To Your Needs

At Community Wellness, we take the time to create a tailored weight loss program that you can execute in the privacy of your home.

The highlight of our program is the use of GLP-1s. This FDA-approved medication involves a series of painless injections that′ll help your body lose weight more efficiently.

You′re in safe hands because these medications use the same active ingredients found in other leading GLP-1 brands such as Ozempic® and Wegovy®.

Your personalized program will also include: 

  • Virtual Coaching
  • Telehealth Appointments
  • Bluetooth Smart Scale (Yours FREE when you enroll today.)

Best of all, you can get all this with or without Medicare or Medicaid. 

All visits will be covered by insurance (subject to your co-pay), and your medications will be more affordable than bigger brands (on average about $249 per dosage).


All Is Included

Personalized Virtual Coaching

Weekly step-by-step guidance without ever having to leave your home.

Telehealth Appointments & Medical Oversight

Regular check-ins with our experienced doctors & nurses.

FREE Bluetooth  Smart Scale

Easily track your progress with real-time feedback and adjustments.

Customized Medication

Safe & effective weight loss medication (including painless GLP-1 injections) tailored for your medical needs & health goals.

A Low Monthly Cost

You pay only for the medication – fairly priced to about $249 per dosage.


The Program Works

To get started, let us help you clarify the exact steps we recommend for reaching your weight loss goals.


Fill Out Our Intake Form

We ask for your medical history and weight loss journey to determine if you′d be a good fit for this program. All information will be confidential to protect your privacy.


Meet Your Weight Loss Professionals

You′ll meet with your certified weight loss coach and medicine provider to review your assessment and create a customized plan to achieve your goals.


Receive Your Medication

Your medicine provider will prescribe the best GLP-1 medication for you and show you how to safely apply it to your body.


Get Routine Coaching & Check-In′s

Your medicine provider will prescribe the best GLP-1 medication for you and show you how to safely apply it to your body.

Why The Name

“Community Wellness”?

Our vision is in our name. We are leading medical professionals, caregivers, progressive investors, and technology experts on a mission to transform communities through quality care. 

We achieve this by integrating state-of-the-art medical technology into our customizable weight loss program – giving patients real-time feedback on their progress.

We′re committed to providing patients easily accessible, affordable, effective, and personalized care along the way. 

And together, we can shape the future of healthcare for years to come.