Patients connect with
devices, people connect
with empathy.

RPM+ is personalized coaching

All of our clinical coaches are licensed healthcare professionals — RNs, LPNs, and CMAs. Each is selected and trained to specifically meet the unique needs of today’s patient in managing chronic conditions (not to mention technology).

Patient matching

Assigned to patients on an individual basis, our coaches are partnered with patients in consideration of multiple factors in order to foster more effective relationships. Some of the indicators used in pairing include:

  • Patient tech-fluency
  • Personality type
  • Communication style
  • Diagnosed condition
  • Native language
  • Geographic location
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More than monitoring

Once paired, coaches introduce themselves as a trusted resource from day one — assisting with everything from device usage to using the MyWellness ConnectTM app and Stronger TogetherTM online community. By incorporating behavioral guidance and social connection into our RPM model, they’re literally “the plus” that improves patient health and wellness. It’s personal.

Every Community Wellness clinical coach is a Plus.

Community Wellness RNs, LPNs, and CMAs are care specialists, with a special place in their hearts and knowledge base for meeting the unique challenges that come in connecting patients with technology-based solutions.

We invite you to meet our clinical coaches.

Jenni Aguilar
“Our passionate, knowledgeable health coaches create live coaching sessions that are fun and engaging. ”
- Jennifer Aguilar, MHEd, Director, Health and Wellness Coaching

Let’s talk about bringing clinical coaching to your patients.

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