We help your patients
take control
as well as measurements.

RPM+ turns devices into tools.

MyWellness ConnectTM

Patients (guided by personal coaching) connect and use devices with our patient-friendly MyWellness Connect™ app on their tablet or smartphone. This at-a-glance platform links them with understandable, actionable trends (not just data points) to discuss online and during monthly physician check-ins while also scanning for exceptions and uploading data for providers. RPM+ turns devices into tools and uses one-on-one, personal relationships to drive wellness and improved health outcomes.

Patient App Screenshot

RPM+ adds a measure of confidence.


Alert & Triage algorithm

When one of our devices indicates a reading outside of “safe” parameters, our Alert & Triage Algorithm sends them an email, text message, and app notification to repeat the measurement. If the second reading is also out of range, questions are asked to determine if a direct physician alert is necessary. This saves time, lives, and unnecessary costs.


Medication adherence

Patients can set up medication reminders in MyWellness Connect, along with reminders to take their vital signs. Medications can be imported directly into the app from an EHR, PBM or Claims, or the patient can manually input their medications and set reminder times.

Man using Community Wellness

Let’s talk about connecting your patients to Community Wellness.

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