We unite technology with
personal contact.

RPM+ engages patients

Devices, data, and dialogues

Community Wellness utilizes simple-to-use, FDA-approved, Bluetooth-enabled devices to ensure reliable and secure data reporting for patients with chronic conditions — no matter how tech-savvy (or not) they may be. From introduction to usage, our individual coaching focuses on the importance of ongoing compliance, in context. We don’t just solve technical issues and link up equipment; we also help patients appreciate the freedom, confidence, and actionable benefits of using these devices.

RPM+ engages patients

FDA-approved, Bluetooth-enabled devices


Blood glucose meter

Diabetes, CKD, etc.
Rapid test strip reporting of blood sugar levels.


Blood pressure monitor

HTN, CKD, CHF, etc.
Cuff measurement of diastolic and systolic blood pressure.


Pulse oximeter

Covid-19, CHF, sleep apnea, etc.
Accurately measures blood oxygen levels.


Digital thermometer

Covid-19, fever detection, etc.
No-contact measurement and temperature readout.


Digital scale

CHF, obesity, diabetes, etc.
Measures accurate body weight used to compute body mass index.


Digital EKG

CKD, etc.
Measures heart rate & EKG plot from wrist, chest, palms, or calf.



Covid-19, pneumonia, etc.
Measures the volume of air that can be inhaled or exhaled.


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