Individualized healthcare,
improved remotely.

RPM+ for health plans.

Community Wellness adds to the significant reductions in expense from reliable remote monitoring with advanced data sharing through our proprietary software. Plus, we increase patient satisfaction through qualified, board-certified coaching and connection toward more proactive chronic condition care. Members, providers, and plans all benefit.


Turnkey chronic condition care

We manage the provisioning of devices and train patients on their use so integrating RPM+ is seamless.

Elevate your performance.


Medical claims reduction

Our RPM+ solution has been shown to drive increased compliance with vital signs tracking and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and ED visits.


Increased member satisfaction

Our coaches drive increased member satisfaction with their health plan, thus reducing member recession.

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RPM+ reduces per member, per month medical spending by up to 50%.

Personalized member care.


Clinical health coaching

Our health and wellness coaches are board-certified to work closely with your members to effect lifestyle changes and improve outcomes.

Jenni Aguilar
The personal connection we make is critical and helps patients reach health goals and change their future. ”
- Jennifer Aguilar, MHEd, Director, Health and Wellness Coaching

Let’s connect your health plan with the future of care, today.

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