Hands-on outpatient care,
out of your hands.

RPM+ for hospitals.

Community Wellness can reduce readmissions and the amount of time patients are in beds, while improving data reliability and sharing, as well as billing efficiency. Plus, our patient-centric model of proactive care includes personal coaching with a literal wellness community engineered for beyond-compliance, positive results. Everyone wins.


Turnkey chronic condition care

We manage the provisioning of devices and train patients on their use so integrating RPM+ is seamless.

Lower readmission rates


Measurable reduction in readmissions

RPM has been shown to reduce hospital readmissions by up to 50% resulting in significant per-patient savings.


Interoperable data system

Our HIPAA-compliant server integrates with all major EMRs and stores patient data safely and securely. It can quickly and easily transmit patient readings to the hospital and/or PCP.

Dollar icon
RPM+ increases reimbursement revenue.

Improve patient satisfaction.


Clinical health coaching

Our health and wellness coaches are board-certified to work closely with your members to effect lifestyle changes and improve outcomes.

Jenni Aguilar
The personal connection we make is critical and helps patients reach health goals and change their future. ”
- Jennifer Aguilar, MHEd, Director, Health and Wellness Coaching

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