Our clinical health coaches are the
+ in RPM+

RPM+ is personalized coaching

It’s plain to see that economically and socially, remote patient monitoring is the future of healthcare. And clinical health coaching is the best way to make the most of that connection. Together, we’re a plus that can change the world. 

RPM+ is people

We're the Clinical Coaching team.

Jenni Aguilar

Jenni A., MHEd, CHES

Director, Health & Wellness Coaching

Jennifer is a board-certified health education specialist and has her MS in Health Education.Read More

Angie Green


Clinical Coaching Supervisor

I have been a nurse for 30 years. I have worked in the hospital setting and, most recently, in long-term care as a Director of Nursing.Read More

Aaron Cobb

Aaron C., RN

Clinical Coach

I recently retired from state government working for Department for Medicaid Services.Read More

Angela McNair

Angela M.

Nurse and Clinical Coach

I have been a Licensed Practical Nurse for almost 22 years and have worked in several areas of healthcare.Read More

Carey Stevens

Carey S., RN, BSN

Clinical Coach

I graduated with my associate’s degree in nursing and received my bachelor's degree in nursing from Jacksonville UniversityRead More

Chelsea Gary

Chelsea G.

Nurse and Clinical Coach

I graduated from Galen College of Nursing in 2017 with my Licensed Practical Nursing degree...Read More

Donna Chetta

Donna C., RN, BSN, MS, CPT, CHES

Clinical Coach

I graduated from Louisiana College with a Bachelor’s in Science in Nursing and I have a Master’s in Science with a concentration in Health Promotion from Northwestern UniversityRead More

Heather Conklin

Heather C.

Nurse and Clinical Coach

I have been an LPN for 11 years and am currently in the process of obtaining my RN.Read More

Ivona Walker

Ivona W., RN, BSN, CHC

Clinical Research Coordinator and Clinical Coach

I graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from College of Our Lady of the Elms in Massachusetts.Read More

Janell McNally

Janell M.

Nurse and Clinical Coach

I attended Miami Jacobs College in Dayton, Ohio for my practical nursing degree and I am considering going back for my RN or Social Work degree.Read More

Michelle Bolton

Michelle B., CHC

Nurse and Clinical Coach

I completed my vocational nursing program with honors in 2006 and have worked in Texas in-patient psychiatric settings for 16 years.Read More

Michelle Rice

Michelle R., RAC-CT

Nurse and Clinical Coach

I dedicated myself to nursing before completing high school. I attended college shortly after high school and graduated with a Licensed Practical Nurse degree.Read More

Misty Zabolski

Misty Z.

Clinical Coach

I always wanted to become a nurse as I love helping people and making people smile.Read More

Regina Lacy

Regina L.

Nurse and Clinical Coach

Before joining Community Wellness, I worked in ambulatory care and remotely as a coach.Read More

Tina Kreidler

Tina K.

Nurse and Clinical Coach

I’ve been a nurse for 11 years, working in long-term care and pediatrics.Read More

Our coaches and people are the heart of what's working in medicine today.

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