Primary Addiction Treatment at Home

Community Wellness provides remote (telemonitored) clinical counseling services, Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT) and other support for patients seeking care for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Our attentive telehealth providers – physicians, nurse practitioners, addiction counselors, behavioral health coaches and technical support specialists – provide state of the art care to patients in need, even the most rural parts of Kentucky, using Community Wellness’ secure, online healthcare video teleconferencing platform and electronic health system.

The PATH Program is designed to deliver state-of-the-art MAT to patients across the state of Kentucky, including in so-called “care deserts” where traditional office and clinic-based MAT isn’t an option.

  • Age 18+ with a diagnosis of opiate use disorder
  • Meet ASAM criteria for outpatient treatment (assessment done at the start of care)
  • Have a stable living environment and the ability to manage medication
  • Have the ability, technology (smartphone) and willingness to participate in this virtual program

Exclusion Criteria

  • No stable housing or lack of necessary technology
  • Inability to safely manage medication or lack of willingness to participate
  • Advanced liver disease or advanced alcohol use disorder Concurrent benzodiazepine use disorder (active)


  • Reduction in ER overdose visits
  • Reduction in hospitalizations for drug-related admissions
  • Reduction in incarceration rates
  • Long-term sobriety in a maintenance program

Community Wellness PATH Program Services

Initial Patient Assessment

  • Evaluation for suitability and willingness to actively participate in this medication-assisted program

OUD Medical Treatment Planning

  • Waivered, qualified health professionals prescribe Buprenorphine and other opiate withdrawal medications as appropriate, and outline very close follow up in the days and weeks ahead

Patient Advocate Support

  • Proactive and frequent outreach by behavioral health coaches as appropriate through the duration of this program
  • Assessments of stability on the program, or any need to refer the patient to a qualified health professional
  • Accountability and trust are built as compliance with the program is documented, e.g., medication counting via video teleconferencing

Addiction Counselor 1:1 Sessions

  • Licensed Addiction Counselors provide weekly 1:1 sessions
  • Assess stability on the program, or any need to refer the patient to a qualified health professional

Group Counseling

  • Licensed addiction counselors participate in two such sessions per week

Medical Provider Check-ins

  • Assess stability on the program, or any need to refer the patient to a higher level of care, or follow-on therapies or counseling

Telemonitored Drug Testing

  • Kits mailed to patient’s home and saliva sample collection monitored via video teleconferencing

Cravings Surveys

  • In-App surveys to assess degree of craving and other metrics of coping and wellbeing

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