Virtual Nursing

Empower Your Nursing Team with the Future of Care
A Healthier Outcome for Everyone


Enable your facility, nursing staff, and patients by bringing inpatient telenursing onsite—reducing labor costs and length of stays, and increasing patient satisfaction and positive outcomes. Community Wellness virtual nurses provide increased patient touchpoints via synchronous video, creating better communication for onsite doctors and nurses, earlier interventions, and improved health literacy for your patients and families. With increased nurse-to-patient ratios, you can ensure your nurses are working at their licensure and avoiding burnout, while your patients get the personal care they deserve. Now that’s a healthy solution for everyone. 

We’ll Be Your Safety Net

Community Wellness Integrated Virtual Nursing
Program Features & Benefits

Experienced Practitioners

  • A virtual team of tenured RNs, PAs, and NPs for personal, expert-level care 
  • Handle admissions & discharge and medication reconciliation activities 
  • Educate patients and families on condition-specific issues & medication
  • Monitor medication adherence & reminders 
  • Perform hourly rounding
  • Answer common questions and direct patients to appropriate facility and community resources
  • Offer personal, on-demand care via Community Wellness-provided devices

Earlier Interventions

  • Detect early signs of critical health issues
  • Ensure patients are safe and needs are met
  • Decrease the occurrence of preventable events
  • Proactively address problems before they occur

Reduced Labor Costs, Increased Satisfaction

  • Reduce high-cost travel nurse dependency
  • Reduce length of stays
  • Increase nurse-to-patient ratio
  • Decrease administrative workload for onsite nurses
  • Increased patient satisfaction with personal attention
  • No cost to the hospital

Let’s empower your nursing team to be their best together.

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